Hong Kong


Hong Kong
Peninsula Hotel
Salisbury Riad, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

Style: Sleek, edgy, elegant, Hong Kong modern


An edgy experience for the international and local set. Felix has great views inside and out. At the top of the Peninsula Hotel it has fantastic views of Hong Kong harbor. Inside, Philippe Starck designed the ultra-modern two story scene for ultra-elegant dining, drinking and dancing.

Felix has a variety of scenes offering distinct experiences. The doors to the dance floor in the Star Trek inspired disco and bar open automatically and the floor lights up where you stand on it. The bar has seductive tables (perfect for couples), and an aluminum wall of waves.

The restaurant serves Pacific Rim cuisine. Try the house special Raspberry Paradise cocktail at the bar.

For men, say "lan noiee" to a single attractive lady and enjoy a Raspberry Paradise in an elegant and modern style.

Wear your trendiest clothes and like everyone else expect to be checked-out, you will be part of the scene.

Felix "Hen hao".

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